Asset Management

Mountain Fundingís success in the challenging hard money lending business since 1993 can primarily be attributed to the proactive real estate asset management performed by its experienced development team. Our professionals all began their careers as developers, managers and operators for their own account, providing the instincts and experience to project potential problems before they arise, and deal with them efficiently and effectively once they surface. The team works as a unit with borrowers to productively budget, strategize, plan and implement each projectís development or operating plan. Budgets and plans are reviewed and revised no less than quarterly. When defaults occur, our real estate turnaround management professionals present workable strategies to our borrowers and add experienced value to the process. If bankruptcy becomes a factor, our experience in dozens of cases over the years provides you with the comfort that creative and tested strategies will be applied to either further or defeat a bankruptcy plan in the quickest and most cost-beneficial manner. Ultimately, if required, Mountain Funding is staffed and able to take control of a distressed real estate project, complete its development, and maximize ultimate returns, as discussed further in REO Project Management & Development.