"It would not have been possible to close this acquisition if Mountain, in addition to having the ability to write a check, did not also possess hands-on development and homebuilding experience needed to quickly underwrite this complex project alongside our development team."

–Kyle Corkum,
LStar's President

Portfolio Acquisitions
MREC’s national underwriting team is composed of former bank REO managers who had been responsible for the management and disposition of 46,000 lots and homes valued at over $2 billion.  This experience, plus its working relationships with national and regional builders and developers, allows MREC to quickly and effectively underwrite large bank NPL/REO portfolios which often consist of hundreds of loans/properties in dozens of different markets.   Regardless of size, MREC can usually produce an indicative price quote within just two weeks.  Additionally, its full-service in-house Asset Management Group negates the need to outsource future management and development responsibilities, thus facilitating the closing process.

Direct Acquisitions
In addition to bulk portfolio acquisitions, MREC is uniquely positioned to acquire large individual assets from banks in need of repositioning and development, as a result of the joint venture relationships that MREC has cultivated nationally with leading developers and builders.  Assisted by its national network of real estate due diligence professionals, MREC’s typical time to fully underwrite and close is less than 30 days.